Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fort Collins Triathlon: Sep 19, 2010

After a summer of training and losing around 20 pounds, I found myself with an opportunity to compete in my first Triathlon.  It was only a sprint, so the distances looked like this:

Swim:  1/4 mile (450 yards
Bike:  12 miles
Run:  3 miles

It's about the shortest Tri you'll find anywhere, really.  Nothing too ridiculously hard, like I said, I've been working out just about every day this summer and lost like 15-20 pounds.  I still have lots of work to do if I want to do anything bigger (my goal is for a half-ironman), but I'm happy with how I ended up doing.

My overall results were:  1 hour, 36 minutes, 53 seconds.  Out of the 246 people who finished it, I placed an amazing 211th.  haha, somewhat pathetic, I realize, but I'll tell you one reason I didn't do at least a *little* better:

My tire went flat.  It was pretty miserable, but while I was riding, my tire popped and went entirely flat.  I finished the race on my rims, but had to go quite a bit slower than I normally would have.  I'm not convinced that I would have ended up doing a lot better, but I think I would have ended up with my 1.5 hour goal.  As it was, it was close enough for me to feel like I did well :)

One funny story during the race, was when my tire went initially flat, I got off the bike and was trying to inflate it or fix it if I could.  I wasn't really able to, but while I was doing that, some dude rode past me and yelled "Ha ha!  Flat Tire!" as he was walking.  Prick, right?

So, when my biking was over, and the run came around, I was going quite a bit faster than most of the people who were running, and this guy was one of them.  I ended up passing him while he was walking, and when I passed him, I yelled "Ha ha!  You're walking!"  Poetic justice for the win!

Overall, it was a fun race, and though I didn't do very well overall, at least I finished.  Everyone starts somewhere, right?  I guess I should also point out that there was over 300 people who started the whole thing, but I guess about 50 of them didn't end up finishing it.

Here's a few random stats I just found on their website:

Swim Time:  7:16
Transition 1 Time:  4:02
Bike Time:  56:18
Transition 2 Time:  1:20
Run Time:  27:55

My swim rank was 37th.  haha, quite a bit better than my 240th bike rank and 160th run rank.  I think my bike rank will get better next time though, assuming I get better tires :)

Here's some pictures.  Sorry if I look fat, just deal with it.  I'm far slimmer than I was this last winter :)


Pre-race.  My suit used to be orange, but the chlorine turned it into pink somehow.  Lookin' good, lol :)
The 191 meant I was the 191st to start swimming, since I told them it would take me 10 minutes to swim the 450.  Guess I was wrong :)
Here are some fuzzy swim pictures.

We did the 'serpentine something or other' for the swim.  Swim up one lane, duck under the laneline, swim down the other, etc. until you get to the end.  They spaced us out by 10 seconds each.
Here's a picture of some random girl on a bike.
(just to clarify, there was 3 'laps' we had to take, so this must have been before my final lap)
also, look at my rear tire.  It's pretty bad at this point.

And off I go....
Aaand... after 96 minutes of exertion, I'm finally finished.  Yuck.

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